Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rand Paul: If you want to get married go to a church

"I think people who do stand up and are making a stand to say that they believe in something is an important part of the American way," Rand Paul told Boston Herald Radio, according to The Washington Post.
 "I think one way to get around the whole idea of what the Supreme Court is forcing on the states is for states just to get out of the business of giving out licenses," [Senator] Paul said. "Alabama has already voted to do this, they’re just no longer going to give out licenses. And anybody can make a contract. And then if you want a marriage contract you go to a church. And so I’ve often said we could have gotten around all of this also in the sense that I do believe everybody has a right to a contract."
- Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), September 2, 2015
That government governs best which governs least is an old conservative meme.  Every so often Rand Paul reminds you that he comes from the wacko libertarian freedom of contract camp.  If you want to get married - go to a church.  Or sign a contract.  Of what sort?  I suppose that there's a lot of work for lawyers drafting pre-nups, to look on the bright side. On the dark side even a "libertarian" Kentucky pol can't bring himself to say that liberty requires the freedom to marry a person of your choice.  - gwc

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