Friday, September 18, 2015

Libertarianism's Iron Cage | Commonweal Magazine

Arguing with a libertarian is a fruitless proposition.  It's a closed circle.  there's an answer for everything.  Reason is the asserted core but there is more to humanity than reason but not to libertarian ideology.  Alan Wolfe develops the argument. - gwc
Libertarianism's Iron Cage | Commonweal Magazine
by Alan Wolfe

Libertarianism... is not just a set of policy prescriptions, but an ideology. It is, moreover, atotal ideology, one that addresses every aspect of how people live. There is a libertarian way of riding a bicycle, of taking your medicine, finding a spouse, giving blood, and even calling a cab (can you say, “Uber?”). Where liberalism raises questions, libertarians seek answers, and always find the right ones. Their philosophy is an antidote to the doubt, inconsistency, and vagueness that has always been built into liberalism. Libertarians come in different forms, and can argue vehemently over concepts and applications. Yet there nonetheless does exist a general libertarian outlook on life—and it is very different from the liberal one.

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