Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Getting tough" Myths on The Iran Nuclear Deal//Josh Marshall //Talking Points Memo

More Thoughts on The Iran Nuclear Deal
by Josh Marshall

As Brendan Gilfillian observes here at TPM...

"The uncomfortable (and unpopular) subtext of many opponents’ public statements is clear: Despite the immense amount of blood and treasure spent in Iraq, some have still not learned the lesson that wars in the Middle East fought in the name of nuclear non-proliferation are best avoided if there is a better option."
Most of the critiques of the President's diplomacy come down to a reemergence of "Romney Strength" from the 2012 election. Why won't jihadists attack our consulates and diplomatic compounds under Mitt Romney? Because of Romney Strength. He's just a strong guy and they'll see his strength and so they'll fall in line. In part this is just wishful thinking, the privilege of not being in the White House: you can paint your alternative canvas on a totally blank canvas. The sky is the limit. But it's also a worldview: with enough certainty, force and perseverance, America can always get what it wants. It can dictate outcomes.

That really is the mindset that got us the Iraq War. It's the mindset that wanted us to "roll back" communism in Eastern Europe rather than opt for containment. It's the mindset that dictates endless future wars in the Middle East, what President Obama was elected to end and is trying to pull the country back from.

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