Monday, March 23, 2015

Israel: The Stark Truth by David Shulman | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

Israel: The Stark Truth by David Shulman | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books:
by David Shulman (Renee Lang Professor of Humanistic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an activist 
in Ta’ayush, Arab-Jewish Partnership)
"Benjamin Netanyahu has won again. He will have no difficulty putting together a solid right-wing coalition. But the naked numbers may be deceptive. What really counts is the fact that the Israeli electorate is still dominated by hypernationalist, in some cases proto-fascist, figures. It is in no way inclined to make peace. It has given a clear mandate for policies that preclude any possibility of moving toward a settlement with the Palestinians and that will further deepen Israel’s colonial venture in the Palestinian territories, probably irreversibly.
****First, the notion that there will someday be two states in historic Palestine has been savagely undermined. We have Netanyahu’s word for it. If he has his way—and why shouldn’t he?—Palestinians are destined for the foreseeable future to remain subject to a regime of state terror, including the remorseless loss of their lands and homes and, in many cases, their very lives; they will continue to be, as they are now, disenfranchised, without even minimal legal recourse, hemmed into small discontinuous enclaves, and deprived of elementary human rights."
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