Sunday, March 1, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All To See –

We are about to witness a Fox News extravaganza courtesy of John Boehner.  It is going to be ugly.  So here are some facts. They will be hard to find as the dogs of war howl this week. - gwc
Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All To See –
by J.J. Goldberg

"Say what you will, the latest intelligence leak to hit the world headlines couldn’t have come at a worse time for Benjamin Netanyahu. Just a week before the Israeli prime minister’s congressional address on the Iranian nuclear threat, a document from his own spy agency turns up and shows that his dark warnings about Iran don’t always match the facts known to Israeli intelligence. 
 The document in question is a 2012 memo from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, updating its South African counterpart on the status of Iran’s nuclear project. It’s one of several hundred classified South African intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera and reported February 23 in Al Jazeera and the Guardian of London. 
 What put the Mossad memo in the headlines is the fact that it’s dated October 22, 2012, barely three-and-a-half weeks after Netanyahu’s famous cartoon-bomb speech about Iran to the United Nations General Assembly. Yet it contradicted the Israeli leader’s U.N. speech on several critical points of fact, including how far away Iran was from bomb-making capacity and whether it even had the ability to produce weapons-grade uranium."

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