Saturday, January 24, 2015

China's Supreme Prosecutor's Office - Guiding Cases China Law Translate | 高检关于案例指导工作的规定

China Law Translate | 高检关于案例指导工作的规定:
China's central government prosecutors struggle to find means to more effectively manage their sprawling public safety and security domain.  Taking a page from the Supreme Peoples Court the Supreme People''s Procuratorate they have embraced the "guiding case" model.Its 2010 guidance explains:
Article 15: After guiding cases are released, all levels of people's procuratorate may consult them in implementation.
Article 16: Where the procurator undertaking case handling feels that a guiding cases should not be applied when handling a case of the same type or disposing of a problem of the same type, he shall submit an opinion in writing and report the situation to the chief procurator or procuratorial committee for a decision.
Set Five summarizes three cases of robbery and homicide.

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