Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jameis Winston Hearing Reveals Accuser’s Words, and Florida State’s Complicity -

"I remember being raped" said the victim.  She consented by "moaning" said Florida State University superstar Jameis Wilson.  that was enough for Major Harding - former Chief Justice of Florida - to clear the quarterback. On to the big game.

Appalling.  I remember seeing a video of Jameis Wilson standing in a crowd shouting "F* her right in the pussy", apparently some sort of "joke" that was going around earlier this year.  For that he was  suspended half a game! by the outraged Florida State University educational authorities.

Football is king.

Transcript of Winston Hearing Reveals Accuser’s Words, and Florida State’s Complicity -
by Juliet Macur

Some things from that night two years ago, she says she remembers with astounding clarity.

“I remember being raped,” she said.

“I remember pleading with him to stop clearly.”

“I remember one of his friends telling him to stop and saying, ‘She is saying no clearly.’ ”

She remembers being carried from a bedroom into a bathroom by the man she says raped her. She remembers that he locked the door behind him, and she remembers how he held her down while, she said, “I tried to struggle and resist him.”

“I remember those thing as clearly as they were in 2012,” she said.

These words are from the woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of raping her in December 2012. Earlier this month she told her story to a former judge at Winston’s student conduct hearing — a hearing that wound up clearing Winston of breaking any of the university’s rules.

In clearing Winston, Major B. Harding, the former Florida Supreme Court chief justice who presided over the hearing, said that the evidence was “insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof.”

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