Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chinese Journalists Warned Not to Work With Foreign Media -

China's leaders are fearful of criticism.  They act as though they are weak.  Despite their apparent strength they treat citizens as children.  Although they claim the mantle of science they restrict information.  I am unable to communicate reliably with friends there via Gmail which is apparently on the bad list.  In planning teaching I am unable to post materials for students on my Google blog, or, I hear, even on Dropbox or Google drive - because they are now inaccessible in China.
Through the wonders of crowd sourcing China La Translate has posted a translation of the most recent directive. - gwc
Chinese Journalists Warned Not to Work With Foreign Media -
by Kiki Zhao
"The Chinese government, which already maintains tight restrictions on the country’s media, has issued new warnings to local journalists not to cooperate with foreign news agencies. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, which regulates the media, in a notice dated June 30 but posted on its website this week, alerts Chinese journalists not to pass on any information obtained in the course of their work to any foreign media groups or to domestic media where they are not employed, and it re-emphasizes that they are not permitted to write for foreign news agencies.
The directive follows an announcement in April 2013 that Chinese journalists were banned from publishing online any information acquired on the job without prior permission from their employers. The new notice defines such information in greater detail, including material gathered from documents or in interviews, meetings and other professional activities. It reminds journalists that they risk penalties if they disclose any information that has yet to be made public, particularly state or commercial secrets. And it requires media organizations to have their employees sign nondisclosure agreements, pledging not to transmit secrets."

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