Monday, June 23, 2014

UK and Germany break solar power records | Environment |

Lines of solar panels near Truro, England. Sunny weather has helped solar power set new records in the UK
solar panels at Truro, England

Germany's electricity output was over half solar on June 9.  England hit 7.8% on the longest day.  And they don't have sunny California or the Mohave Desert.  Meanwhile we labor under those who think that global warming is a debatable proposition, and threaten to shut down the government over the plan to reduce power plant emissions by 30%.  Whatever happened to Yankee ingenuity?  - gwc
UK and Germany break solar power records | Environment | "Britain and Germany have broken records for generating solar electricity in the last few weeks, according to new industry figures. Germany generated over half its electricity demand from solar for the first time ever on 9 June, and the UK, basking in the sunniest weather of summer during the longest days of the year, nearly doubled its 2013 peak solar power output at the solstice weekend. France, Italy, Denmark and other countries are also believed to have generated record amounts in June. According to UK trade body the Solar Trade association (STA), the total UK installed solar capacity generated from homes, buildings and solar farms is now about 4.7 gigawatts compared to 2.7GW in July last year. It is not possible to tell exactly how much solar power was generated in Britain because electricity from small-scale household units is not centrally measured, but the STA estimated on Monday that 3.9% of the UK's electricity demand was met by solar photovoltaic systems (PV) over the 24 hours of Saturday. This means solar's contribution peaked at a record 7.8% of daytime electricity, on 21 June, said the association."

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