Thursday, June 5, 2014

For Dozens of Judicial Vacancies, No Nominees Awaiting Action // Gavel Grab »

Gavel Grab » For Dozens of Judicial Vacancies, No Nominees Awaiting Action:
by Peter Hardiin

Although the Senate recently has confirmed dozens of judicial nominees (see Gavel Grab), the vacancies that remain include 38 for which there are no nominees, Huffington Post reports. The blames goes to home-state senators who aren’t recommending candidates to the White House, Jennifer Bendery writes.
“The concentration of vacancies without nominees in certain states clearly shows that some senators are refusing to perform their constitutional duty at the expense of our courts and the citizens trying to access them,” said Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society.
Twenty-one of the 38 vacancies are found in states with two Republican senators, 12 are located in states represented by a single Republican senator. The remaining four are in states represented by two Democrats in the Senate.
“There is still a judicial vacancy crisis in this country,” said Michelle Schwartz of the Alliance for Justice. “Playing politics with judicial nominations only hurts senators’ own constituents who are left waiting for justice.”
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