Monday, June 23, 2014

EU mulls cutting energy use by 35% | Environment |

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EU mulls cutting energy use by 35% | Environment |
by Arthur Neslen // The Guardian Environment Network
 "To maintain Europe’s emissions-cutting momentum, a 30% cut in energy usage is needed by 2030, rising to 35% if the EU wants to reap the benefits of energy security, jobs and growth, says a draft communication for the bloc’s energy efficiency review, seen by EurActiv. The target would be indicative – or non-binding on member-states – until 2017 at least, and would be based on an absolute reduction in primary energy consumption of 1312 Million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) for the 35% figure, and 1218 Mtoe for the 30% goal.
 The paper is broadly in line with findings from an impact assessment revealed by EurActiv last week, which show that higher efficiency targets would bring optimum levels of GDP growth, jobs, energy security and emissions cuts. But no agreement on a final goal to complement a planned 40% greenhouse gas emissions cut was reached at a meeting between the EU president José Manuel Barroso and a cabinet of top Commissioners on 18 June."

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