Thursday, May 29, 2014

Polar Vision - Linda Greenhouse //

Linda Greenhouse, long the New York Times Supreme Court reporter, is the author of Becoming Justice Blackmun.  She is at Yale Law School now - the only non-lawyer on the faculty. - gwc
Polar Vision -
by Linda Greenhouse
It’s tempting for commentators, including journalists and some scholars, to stay on the safe side by talking about process rather than substance. Voting patterns can be displayed on a chart, and no one can question the author’s accuracy or motives. On the other hand, to argue that the Roberts court is hurtling down the wrong path substantively is to make a judgment call that invites pushback and debate. I understand that. This is an opinion column, and here is my opinion: the court’s majority is driving it into dangerous territory. The problem is not only that the court is too often divided but that it’s too often simply wrong: wrong in the battles it picks, wrong in setting an agenda that mimics a Republican Party platform, wrong in refusing to give the political system breathing room to make fundamental choices of self-governance.

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