Monday, May 26, 2014

Parents’ Nightmare: Futile Race to Stop Killings -

Antonin Scalia explained banning possession of guns has been taken off the table by the Second Amendment.  Too bad for us.  We should delete the Second Amendment.  - GWC
Parents’ Nightmare: Futile Race to Stop Killings -
Only weeks earlier, in late April, deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office had stopped by Mr. Rodger’s apartment at the request of state mental health officials, acting on an expression of concern by his mother. They left after a calm and polite Mr. Rodger assured them that there was nothing to worry about. The officers reported that Mr. Rodger was shy and had told them that he was having difficulties in his social life.
That gave them little ground on which to act, under California law. Because Mr. Rodger was never institutionalized because of his emotional problems, he was able to legally purchase the weaponry he used in the shooting.
Sometime after the police visit, Mr. Rodger — who had already amassed a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in the apartment — added a note to his manifesto: “If they had demanded to search my room that would have ended everything. For a few horrible seconds I thought it was all over.”

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