Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Christie Apology

Chris Christie is pictured. | AP PhotoI generally avoid commenting on anything where there has been saturation coverage but...  since I experienced then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's rage when he took offense at an editorial I drafted for the now-defunct NJ State Bar weekly New Jersey Lawyer, I've been waiting for implosion since the day he took office as Governor.

He came within a hair's breadth his time, but has managed a plausible recovery.

But what was he doing these past two months?  Why did those three guys - all high up - resign? With all the press he just asked his senior staff once and was told there was nothing to it?  Some chief exec!  Reliant on a Deputy Chief of Staff for Intergovernmental Affairs who felt empowered to play dirty tricks and then felt free to lie to him?  I guess, as he says, he's not a micro-manager.  He lets the dirty tricksters play trick or treat.  Just "preserve my deniability", I guess.

His campaign is in disarray now.  Port Authority Director Chairman David Samson is compromised (he is "shocked" too), longtime campaign director Bill Stepien is out (can't help with the Republican Governors Association), his Legislative and Intergovernmental person (Kelly) is out.

This story has legs.  There'll be charges and subpoenaes and litigation.

The bloom is off the rose, though he won't crash and burn like the pizza guy, or Rick Perry did.  Christie's got more cred than that.  The "I was lied to, blindsided (by the lying little bitch)" approach today gives him another shot, though not from his til now exalted perch.

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