Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Filibuster reform isn't enough | Al Jazeera America

What to do the Senate about is of course a conundrum.  That Maine and California, for example, have an equal vote is the product of the original unholy compromise embraced to form a union whose federal character is a regrettable anachronism.  `States rights' then and now is a rallying cry and club swung in the main for regrettable purposes. - GWC Filibuster reform isn't enough | Al Jazeera America by Sanford Levinson // U. Texas Law School
 "In any event, the Senate continues to be what it has been from Day One of the United States: a dreadfully undemocratic institution that reinforces what is often a tyranny of the minority — or a tyranny of the status quo — and allows it to run roughshod over what may be the altogether defensible wishes of the majority. One should realize that the U.S. Senate was undemocratic yesterday, it is undemocratic today and, unless there is a major (and altogether unlikely) radical reordering of our basic institutions, it will be undemocratic tomorrow."
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