Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NJ Bar President: NJ courts under attack from both sides: Opinion | NJ.com

Good op-ed piece by New Jersey State Bar Association President Ralph Lamparello, writing in the Star Ledger.  But the "both sides: stuff is pretty faint-hearted.  The Democrats have been admirably tough in blocking Governor Chris Christie's moves to put in place a court that will repudiate the New Jersey Supreme Court's progressive legacy, discussed in my essay People's Electric - Engaged Legal Education at Rutgers-Newark in the 1960's and 1970's . - GWC
'NJ courts under attack from both sides: Opinion | NJ.com:
By Ralph J. Lamparello
New Jersey residents beware. An arms race is on between the executive and legislative branches of New Jersey government to politicize the judicial branch and subordinate its co-equal status.
Despite the clear language in the New Jersey Constitution of 1947, and more than 237 years of unequivocal state history, we are confronted with an assault that threatens the viability of the courts.
Make no mistake. Continued attacks on the judiciary denigrate the separation of powers and the independence of the courts, resulting in a blatant attempt to instill mistrust in the court system, mislead the public, influence the judicial process and ultimately subvert the judicial branch.
We have reached a dangerous tipping point where, as state Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin so eloquently put it when he recently addressed attendees of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting, judges must today be concerned that “doing justice is a bad career move.”
Consider the evidence......

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