Sunday, February 17, 2013

Should the Justices attend the SOTU? - Legal Ethics Forum

Stephen Gillers suggested the slogan "'no scotus @ sotu".  John Steele embraced it.  I think they should all attend the State of the Union Address.  In costume.  Silent.  They might learn something.  Other commenters have different oservations. - GWC
Legal Ethics Forum: The Justices Stand and Applaud - or Don't:posted by Stephen Gillers
 "The Justices Stand and Applaud - or Don't "AT the State of the Union yesterday, the Justices (the six who were there) stood and clapped when the President expressed appreciation for the military. Otherwise, they sat fand did not clap. I can understand that when the line is, e.g., about passage of the Violence Against Women Act, or gun violence, or raising the minimum wage. But why passivity when the line is about enabling people who work hard to get ahead or opening the door of opportunity to children across America? "
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