Sunday, February 17, 2013

Legal Ethics Forum: ABA Adopts Final Proposals from Ethics 20/20

Legal Ethics Forum: ABA Adopts Final Proposals from Ethics 20/20: summary by chief reporter Andrew Perlman:

Resolution 107A amended Model Rule 5.5 so that it expressly permits qualified foreign lawyers to serve as in-house counsel while based at their employers’ U.S. offices. (The accompanying report is here.)
Resolution 107B amended the 2008 ABA Model Rule for Registration of In-House Counsel to bring foreign lawyers within the scope of that Rule.  (The accompanying report is here.)
Resolution 107C amended the ABA Model Rule on Pro Hac Vice Admission so that it provides guidance to judges who may be asked to grant pro hac vice admission to qualified foreign lawyers.  (The accompanying report is here.)
Resolution 107D amended Comment [5] to Rule 8.5 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct so that it expressly allows a lawyer and client to specify a particular jurisdiction as the jurisdiction where the “predominant effect” of the lawyer’s conduct will occur for purposes of a choice of law analysis under Model Rule 8.5. (The accompanying report is here.)
An overview report describing each of these Resolutions is here

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