Thursday, January 24, 2013

Public Defenders: ‘True Believers in Justice’ -

Fifty years after Gideon v. Wainwright promised effective defense to al charged with crime, filmmaker Dawn Porter follows Travis Williams,  a Georgia public defender, as he struggles with inadequate resources, to defend his indigent clients.  5,000 PD's defend 5,000,000 indigent people charged with crime every year in America.  Williams  gets help from  Gideon's Promise which trains public defenders - the most important civil rights workers in our legal system which incarcerates more people for longer than any other country in the world. Click HERE for video- gwc
‘True Believers in Justice’ -
by Dawn Porter
"I was horrified by what I learned about the criminal justice system. Innocent people, in prison for months or years, sometimes plead guilty to get out of jail; onerous sentences are too often given for minor crimes; people can lose civil rights, like the right to vote, as a result of criminal convictions. In America, a felony conviction can be a lifelong sentence because of this multitude of collateral consequences. I also saw what a difference it made to have lawyers like Travis fighting hard for poor people’s rights. I saw him tell clients and their families that they were facing long sentences, outrageous bail terms or prison. But I saw him deliver even the worst news with compassion, and I saw him fight for every client. He’s inspired me to judge less and listen more, to try to put myself in the position of people who face a terribly structured system that often provides justice to neither the victim nor the accused. Thanks to Travis and the other young lawyers I met on this journey, I can proudly say I’m a “true believer” in their cause." 'via Blog this'

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