Tuesday, November 27, 2012

France Says It Will Vote in Favor of Palestinians’ U.N. Bid - NYTimes.com

We say we want a Palestinian state that will respect Israeli sovereignty and abide by the UN's rules - which demand respect for the borders of other member states.  The Palestine National Authority  which is leading the fight for UN recognition is committed to a two-state solution.  They already have an elected! functioning government on a large part of their UN-recognized! territory.  It is a proto-state (funded by the U.S. and the E.U. on the West Bank).  It has legal authority over the Hamas-governed Gaza.   Why can't we move them a step closer to membership in the UN.  It would strengthen their negotiating position with both Israel and Hamas, enhancing the nearly moribund peace prospects.  I don't understand our resistance. - GWC
France Says It Will Vote in Favor of Palestinians’ U.N. Bid - NYTimes.com:
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"PARIS — France will vote in favor of the Palestinians’ request to heighten their profile at the United Nations, the French foreign minister told Parliament on Tuesday, embracing a move that Israel and the United States oppose. The support of France, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, is the most significant boost to date for the Palestinians’ hopes to be granted nonmember observer status and thus greater international recognition. Russia and China, two other permanent members, have also thrown their support behind the Palestinian bid." 'via Blog this'

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