Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does Chris Christie "give a damn" about Presidential Politics?

NO! is the Governor's answer to the title question.  The best approach to most statements is to accept them as the honest view of the speaker.  (There are, of course, exceptions, e.g. what lawyers say on behalf of their clients.  A special rule applies there.*)  So it is with Chris Christie's late in the campaign post-Sandy enthusiasm for President Obama.  The hot-headed, attention loving Governor means what he says at the moment he says it.  And NO he is not angling to be President himself.  He knows that if Joe Biden has a touch of  foot in mouth disease then he, Chris Christie, has the full blown syndrome.  Could he have a place in a future Republican administration?  Yes, in its second term.  - GWC

* When a lawyer speaks it is because in his/her view that is the factually supportable statement most capable of advancing the objectives of the client on whose behalf the lawyer speaks.

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