Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bloomberg, the Marathon and the Marie Antoinette Moment

Let's not forget this.  Michael Bloomberg, in full CEO monologue mode, insisted until minutes before cancellation that the show must go on.     Despite the fact that thousands were still stranded in the Rockaways and Staten Island four days after the hurricane flooded the low lying neighborhoods of New York.  Citing Rudy Giuliani's support he wanted thousands to race for glory and gratification while other thousands pleaded for food, water, clothing, and light.  He was spared from acting out his Marie Antoinette moment by public outrage and the utter impossibility of diverting hundreds of police officers who were needed for emergency service to the stranded citizens of New York. 

Bloomberg, it must be said, has been a major philanthropist - giving so much to Johns Hopkins that it now boasts the Bloomberg School of Public Health.  But the man who has barred supersize sodas could not see the ghastliness of broadcasting and celebrating the labors of the lithe while the afflicted suffered in obscurity.

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