Saturday, September 29, 2012

The N.F.L. Lockout and the Modern Economy -

The NFL locked out the football referees to kill their pension plan, convert it to a 401k, which transfers the risk of loss to labor.  That's the modern way - now that socialism is dead.  The Dean of the school of management at the University of Toronto calls a spade a spade.  - gwc
The N.F.L. Lockout and the Modern Economy -
by Roger L.Martin
"But why the lockout, and why did the N.F.L. fight so hard? Because the league was fighting a bigger fight, one that is representative of a war beneath the surface of the modern economy — the war between capital and talent. Since the Industrial Revolution, two groups have fought for the spoils of their joint production. On one side is capital — the owners and investors who provide the means of production. On the other side is labor — the workers who turn invested capital into profits. "...

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