Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney: Obama Voters Pay No Taxes - Video - Mother Jones/TPM

Mitt Romney, born on third base, thinks he hit a triple - in Ann Richards memorable phrase.  Think he doesn't pay enough taxes?  Romney thinks Obama's voters are people who pay no income taxes and refuse to take responsibility, depend on government.  He'll spend a good deal of time explaining just what he meant in this fundraiser talk which will surely be heard in Democratic attack ads.  David Corn broke the story in Mother Jones, where there are lots more video clips = and more to come.  Josh Marshall reports. - GWC
Devastating | TPM Editors Blog: 'via Blog this'

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  1. Could not be closer to the truth. The truth is that Romney, when he thinks he is safe, will tell the truth and the rest of the time he tells people what is supported by the politics and poll processes.