Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why is Akin Being Asked to Quit? | GOPlifer | a blog

Chris Ladd is a rational Republican columnist at the Houston Chronicle.  It gets lonely there in Texas. - gwc
Why is Akin Being Asked to Quit? | GOPlifer | a blog: by Chris Ladd
Rep. Todd Akin is right to be angry. Why should he be singled out for punishment just because he made wacky, offensive claims on TV? There’s little fairness in asking him to resign if you’re not going to rein in Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Allen West and about most of the Republican House freshmen.
Our VP nominee, Paul Ryan, was a co-signer with Akin of a House Bill that would have turned those outlandish claims into federal policy. Is he supposed to resign too? Cornyn is only asking Akin to quit because he’s doomed, we badly need that seat, he may have just torpedoed Romney’s campaign, and up until last night there was still time to replace him somewhat gracefully.Basically, we’re outlining a new party policy. Call it “The Sharron Angle Rule”: You can be as crazy as you want, but only if you might win.
But here is Congressman Todd Akin sticking to his guns even after Romney and Ryan asked him to step down.  But listen carefully.  There's a hedge there.  I think he'll get out of the race.
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