Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Fox News Wink: Is Obama "Gay"? or "Gay Gay"? - The Daily Beast

David Frum, a leading spokesman for rational Republicanism (speechwriter for George W. Bush), explains the bizarre set of beliefs embraced by the sub-culture of right wing chain emails, such as that which falsely claims that President Obama has ordered that those who present the flag at veterans' funerals say that they represent not the President but rather the Secretary of Defense. - GWC
The Fox News Wink: Is Obama "Gay"? or "Gay Gay"? - The Daily Beast
by David Frum
"On Fox News' "The Five," moderator Greg Gutfeld offered up this comment in a jokey yuck-yuck tone: "Obama is now out of the closet … he's officially gay for class warfare." Speaking of opening the closet, Gutfeld's comment exposes something important that many observers miss about this campaign and the way Fox News covers it: It's very important to understand that for Fox viewers, Fox is only the most visible part of a vast alternative reality. Fox's coverage of the news cannot be properly understood in isolation, but only in conjunction with the rest of that system—and especially the chain emails that do so much to shape the worldview of Fox viewers. You cannot "get" Gutfeld's joke unless you "get" that a large part of his audience ardently believes that Obama is in fact gay, that his marriage is a sham, and that Mrs. Obama leads a life of Marie Antoinette like extravagance to compensate her for her husband's neglect while he disports himself with his personal aides. Don't believe me? Just as an indicator, try this:....  Google: obama + gay + "reggie love""

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