Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crossing the Rubicon - hazards of prediction

Julius Caesar
Sixteen months ago I posted this short piece by Josh Marshall - founder of Talking Points Memo of which I am a devotee.  I don't make many predictions.  One - to my daughter shortly after he announced - was that Obama's Presidential campaign would be only a learning experience for him. More recently I predicted that Obamacare would survive the Supreme court challenge.  Here's an older one.  I am very reluctant to join the enthusiasm of the many who are thrilled that we finally have the enemy we want.  Never underestimate your adversary. - GWC

It wasn't much, the narrow river that marked the border between Italy and Gaul.  but Caesar was told not to cross it.  He did and you remember his name, not the guy who lost.  Josh Marshall says that today's vote to embrace the Paul Ryan `let's end Medicare budget' -  by all but six House Republicans is a fateful, no turning back day.  
The Republican Party has just gotten carried away by their hostility to government and celebration of private enterprise.  It's a popular idea.  Nobody likes to go to the DMV.  But private enterprise also makes us very nervous.  Downsizing, plant closings, higher  health insurance deductibles, real estate bubbles and crashes - all make people worry.  "And now they want to take away Medicare" is the line the Republican Party just handed to the Democratic Party.  They have crossed the Rubicon. April 11, 2011

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