Monday, July 30, 2012

Blake's Jerusalem sung at Olympic Opening Ceremony

William Blake was, as Van Morrison sings, an enemy of empiricism, the atomic and nuclear age.  The rhetorical question "Was Jerusalem builded here among these dark satanic mills?" made his great poem Jerusalem the Labor Party anthem.  So it was a delight to learn it had been sung by a boy in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.  That version is not yet available, so here is another.


  1. I missed name of the boy who did such a good job singing "Jerusalem" and haven't found it online yet.

  2. he was amazing he was very brave he should be prassed by every englishman

    1. Humphrey Keeper sang so beautifully and bravely at the opening ceremony, I am surprised that his name was not mentioned on the night or since. Well done Humphrey and all the other choir children.