Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Tea Party Helps Black People Vote Properly | GOPlifer | a blog

The Tea Party Helps Black People Vote Properly | GOPlifer | a blog:
by Christopher Ladd
 "This past weekend white folk from all over America gathered to help their African-American friends.  One of the most successful offshoots of the Tea Party movement hosted their National Summit in Houston to highlight the imaginary problem of voter fraud.
In a painfully awkward bid for street cred these brave patriots call themselves “True the Vote.”  They clean up our elections by sending white people into black neighborhoods to watch over them with paternal care at the polls.
This is a remarkable time to be white in America.  For centuries we owned this joint while everybody else was just paying rent.  Only fifty years ago most of the best-paying, most secure government and factory jobs were set aside for us.  In wide swaths of the country we were the only people who could vote, serve in public office, or own a gun.  In just two generations we’ve been relegated to a sort of…ordinariness…that is driving some of our brethren positively insane."

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