Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Last RINO - By Jacob Heilbrunn | Foreign Policy

The Last RINO - By Jacob Heilbrunn | Foreign Policy: "This year, a new book by John T. Shaw appeared about Sen. Richard G. Lugar, who tonight lost his primary to Tea Party candidate and Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock. Like Lugar, its tone is steady, reassuring, and unexciting. The tome is called Statesman of the Senate: Crafting Foreign Policy from Capitol Hill. It has received blurbs from everyone from former senior Clinton administration official and Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott -- "a trenchant study of statesmanship as practiced from the legislative branch of our government" -- to former Sen. Sam Nunn -- "A close-up look at the dedication, effectiveness, and outstanding public service of Senator Dick Lugar.""

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