Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cory Booker = a surrogate for Cory Booker

For thirty years after graduating from Rutgers-Newark I practiced law on the outskirts of the City of Newark.  So I was a close but un-involved observer of its politics.  I never joined in the denunciation of Mayor Sharpe James [who - in my opinion - was convicted of a offense that was scarcely a crime.  Basically he tipped off a girlfriend who got a low but lawful price on a piece of property.]  And I have never joined in the praise of James's successor - the self-annointed superstar Cory Booker.
I have seen it before - the phenom who sees a president in the mirror (former  Essex County Executive Peter Shapiro and former Senator Bob Torricelli come to mind) and is taken down by the sin that felled Lucifer.  Talking Points Memo Publisher and founder Josh Marshall has Booker's number:

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