Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grass is always greener: Cardiologists feel underpaid |

Glass half empty for most cardiologists. - gwc
Money earned by cardiologists | "New York, NY -
 US cardiologists earned an average of $314 000 in 2011, with the highest earners being cardiologists working in a single-specialty group practice, results from a new physician compensation survey reveal. For these physicians, their average annual salary was $388 000. Despite the numbers, 54% of cardiologists felt they were inadequately compensated, and only 13% considered themselves wealthy. Nearly four in 10 cardiologists said their income is no better than nonphysicians, while 50% said that although their income might qualify them as part of "the 1%," they did not consider themselves rich because of expenses and debt."
In fact, if they had to do it all over again, just 50% said they would choose cardiology as their specialty and only 18% said they would choose the same practice setting. Less than half of respondents said they would choose a career in medicine, a number that is down from the 65% who said they would again choose medicine as a career in 2010.
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