Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Easy Call - Karl Rove gets it wrong on OBL raid - David Corn/Mother Jones

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Rove vs. "Showdown": He Says OBL Raid No Big Deal | Mother Jones
by David Corn
"In political warfare, truth matters little. That's what Karl Rove demonstrated today in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece that blasted the 17-minute film recently released by the Obama reelection campaign. This campaign infomercial notes that the Osama bin Laden raid President Obama launched was the "ultimate test of leadership." Rove, who served a president who did not defeat Bin Laden in such a fashion, begs to disagree—and he claims that Bill Clinton backs him up on this point.
Rove asserts,
As for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. Even President Bill Clinton says in the film "that's the call I would have made." For this to be portrayed as the epic achievement of the first term tells you how bare the White House cupboards are.
Yet that is not what Clinton said about the decision."...

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