Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chinese lawyers must pledge allegiance to the CP - China Law & Policy

Elizabeth Lynch has an interesting discussion of the new oath of office required of Chinese lawyers. (below)  It is a high level expression of what has recently been often observed: a harder line against dissident lawyers, and dissidents who support a western-style multi-party democracy.
The Communist party's leading role is embedded in the PRC Constitution.  So the new addition to the pledge (below)is surplusage, intended to send a message "don't even think about it".
I remember when they changed the Pledge of Allegiance, inserting the awkward phrase "under God", which disrupted the flow of the pledge.  I still resent it though for reasons that did not occur to be as a 10 year old.  "Under God" is what it is intended to be: an affirmation that we are believers - unlike those atheistic commies.  So in my opinion it is an offensive intrusion - an assertion that any non-believer is disloyal.  -GWC
"“I volunteer to become a practicing lawyer of the People’s Republic of China and promise to faithfully perform the sacred duties of a socialist-with-Chinese-characteristics legal worker (中国特色社会主义法律工作者); to be faithful to the motherland and the people; to uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the socialist system; to safeguard the dignity of the constitution and the law; to practice on behalf of the people; to be diligent, professional honest, and corruption-free; to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients, the correct implementation of the law, and social fairness and justice; and diligently strive for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics!”"

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