Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brooks:" Romney's salient quality is his tenacious drive". - NYTimes.com

David Brooks is not serious. He fawned over George W. Bush as a big idea guy.  Now he's got a new idol.  This is just for the record.  So that it will be easy to look back and point out instances of Brooks's relentless fatuousness. - GWC
The Wealth Issue - NYTimes.com:
"Mitt Romney is a rich man, but is Mitt Romney’s character formed by his wealth? Is Romney a spoiled, cosseted character? Has he been corrupted by ease and luxury?
The notion is preposterous. All his life, Romney has been a worker and a grinder. He earned two degrees at Harvard simultaneously (in law and business). He built a business. He’s persevered year after year, amid defeat after defeat, to build a political career.

Romney’s salient quality is not wealth. It is, for better and worse, his tenacious drive — the sort of relentlessness that we associate with striving immigrants, not rich scions."

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