Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida primary: What the blowout means - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Well that's the end of the clown show. Newt may hang on to the end as he says, but it will not take much of Romney's attention or money. Ron Paul was never serious. Rick Santorum should stay at home, hoping for a cabinet job or something fitting his regressive policy interests. The general election starts now.
by Jonathan Bernstein
"Mitt Romney delivered a blowout in Florida today. He’s clobbered Newt Gingrich in three of the four states so far, and proven that Gingrich is terribly vulnerable to attacks. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum finished a weak third, and Ron Paul, who mostly skipped Florida, ended up a distant fourth.

At this point, Romney essentially has the nomination wrapped up. Yes, people will point out that only a very small portion of delegates has been selected, but most of these contests are usually long over when the winner finally hits the mark that technically clinches it. Realistically, only some sort of external and utterly unexpected event could derail Romney now."
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