Saturday, December 26, 2009

China: NPC adopts new tort code

The National People's Congress, after the fourth reading, adopted the Tort Law chapter of the revised civil code, Xinhua news Service announces:

The 92-provision law covers liabilities for a range of circumstances, including traffic accidents, medical accidents, work-related injuries, pollution, harm caused by other people's pets and mental distress.

It also covers infringements of personal rights, such as name, reputation, portrait and privacy.

The law, with equal importance with another civil rights law, the Property Law, was endorsed by the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee. It takes effect next July.

The first draft was issued by the NPC in December 2002. The document, though more modest in scope, had a gestation period quite like that of the current (3rd) Restatement of the Law: Torts.

I have translated the first two drafts. Changes in the 3rd draft (tabled in October) and the 4th (final) draft are modest. Links to my work can be found HERE. The complete text (in Chinese) can be found HERE.

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