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Video class - Spring 2019

Class 2 vocabulary  video
Class 3 Video  vocabulary

Legal research sites

Translation Resources

Peking University law

Chinalaw translate’s glossary and links to other resources;

As cited by He Fan:
translations by Chinalawinfo and WoltersKluwer;
Taiwan’s Judicial Yuan’s bilingual legal glossary;
a glossary of translation of government institutions issued by the Beijing government;
Shanghai government’s glossary;
Shenzhen government’s glossary;
Analysis by foreign scholars.

Laws of the People's Republic of China (AsianLL)

Ministry of Commerce - Laws

NPC issues Draft Laws for Discussion
General principles of civil law
Water Pollution and Control Law
E-Commerce Law

Guiding cases
China Court Judgments online  中国裁判文书网
  • China Law Discussion List. A discussion list hosted by Professor Donald C. Clarke at George Washington University Law School.
  • China Politics and Law ListServ. A listServ focusing on China’s civil society and law, hosted by Professor Karla Simon.
  • China Law ProfBlog. A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network, edited by Professor Donald C. Clarke at George Washington University Law School.
  • China Law & Policy.  A blog created and edited by Elizabeth M. Lynch.
  • China File. A real time discussion on China news from Asia Society.
  • China Brief. A journal of analysis and information by Jamestown Foundation.
  • China Law Blog. A business law blog from the perspective of practice and edited by Dan Harris and Steve Dickinson.
  • CHINA IPR. An IP law blog published by Mark Allen Cohen, visiting professor at Fordham Law School.
  • China Copyright and Media. Provides insight on Chinese law and policy regarding public communication. Edited by Rogier Creemers.
  • Chinadialogue. (中外对话) A Chinese/English website by (NGO) discussing environmental issues in China.
  • PKU Law

Government of China
Government of China - English portal

PRC State Council legislative affairs office

Procurators Suggestion Power Regulations

Family planning white paper - State Council 1995

Laws - English NPC

PKU Law 北大法宝

Translation Archive - China Law Translate

China Law Translate

Getting Started Video

Legal Education
China Scholarship Council

Phonology Wikipedia
Pronunciation guide ChinesePod

Legal Glossary 
Bilingual Laws Information System - Hong Kong Department of Justice

UVM tools
Mandarin Chinese Phonetics - Patrick Hassel Zein
Slow Chinese
MDBG Dictionary
Growing Up With Chinese
Slow Chinese
Characters - a radical view

Why Chinese is so damned hard

Fluent in Three Months
Hacking Chinese
Marco Polo Project
Sinosplice - John Pasden

AllSet Chinese GrammarWiki

Tiger Speech Recognition test
Peggy Teaches Chinese
Study More Chinese
China Books

Language Log
xiao3jie3 - how (not) to address a woman
50 Essential Chengyu

HSK 汉语水平考试

HSK - Chinese Proficiency Test
China Education Center Study HSK
BYU HSK Center

HSK Practice Materials - China Education Center, Ltd.

Level 3 Vocabulary list
Level 3 vocabulary (Learn More Chinese)
Level 4 Vocabulary
Level 4 Flashcards - quizlet
Audio app level 4 Lingomi
Study Chinese Flashcards

Chinese punctuation guide


Skritter - Finding suitable Chinese reading material for your level

UVA - Chinese Reading World


Database of Laws & Regulations

Discussion Draft Civil Code (April 20, 2015)

Civil Procedure Law (amended 2012, eff. 1/1/13)
WIPO - old and new
Environmental Protection Law ( 2014)

Foreign NGO Law

Lawinfo china


Supreme Peoples Court - English website
Regulations on Evidence in Civil Cases
SPC on Consumer Protection law Public Interest Cases

Procedures regarding wrongfully decided cases
Publication of judgments on the Internet - Supreme Peoples Court November 13, 2013

Supreme People’s Court Regulations concerning Some Questions of Applicable Law in Handing Civil Dispute Cases involving the Use of Information Networks to Harm Personal Rights and Interests  (ChinaCopyright and Media - Rogier Creemers)

Title: Provisions on Network Publication Services Administration 
Promulgating Entities:--State Administration of Press, Publication, Film, Radio and Television   and  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Reference number: 
Promulgation Date: 2016-2-4
 2014 SPC Regulations on Civil Cases of Internet Torts have been translated into English.

Crowd-source translation: China Law Translate: SPC Regulations 2014

SPC Statement of Environmental Policy - June 2, 2016

National Development & Reform Commission

Notice - management of attorneys fees

Civil Procedure Law (amended 2012)

Environmental Protection Law (amended

Maritime Traffic Safety Law
Maritime Code of the People's Republic of China (1993)

Tort Law (2009)

Tort Law - WIPO translation
2014 internet torts SPC Rules2014

Litigation Costs

from (official)
1. Civil Procedure Law

2. Evidence - Certain Regulations in Civil Lawsuits - Supreme People's Court

3. Time Limits on submission of proofs -  Notice by Supreme Court

4. Time limits - Regulations of Supreme Court
最高人民法院关于审理民事案件适用诉讼Period 制度若干问题的规定

5. Civil Litigation Documents, Sample Documents of Supreme Court

Stanford Guiding Cases Project

Lehmann, Lee & Xu

White Paper (State Council) 2008 Rule of Law 
White paper (State Council) 2011 The Socialist Legal system with Chinese Characteristics
Tort Law

A New Tort Code Emerges in China, George Conk, 30 Fordham International Law Journal 935 (2007) 
1st Discusssion Draft- PRC Tort Code: translated by George Conk
2d Discussion Draft - PRC Tort Code translated by George Conk & Wang Zhu
A translation of the Tort Law adopted in 2009
Text of PRC Tort Law 2009
Another translation

Beijing Law Review

Road traffic safety law - English

Road traffic safety law Chinese

Road Traffic Safety booklet


Tang Spirit Network

China: Traditions and Transformations
Peter K. Bol, PhD, Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University.
William C. Kirby, PhD, T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, and Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor.

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