Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anti-gay slurs merit suspension: New Jersey Supreme Court

In I/M/O Jared Stolz, an insurance defense lawyer , has been suspended for three months because over a period of time he insulted his adversary, sending emails and faxed letters that said:

"Don’t feel you have to email me daily andlet me know just how smart you are."(November 3, 2009 email)."This will acknowledge receipt of yournumerous Emails, faxes and letters ....In response thereto, Bla Bla Bla Bla BlaBla." (November ii, 2009 fax.)"Did you get beat up in school a lot?,because you whine like a little girl."(January 27, 2010 email)."Why don’t you grow a pair?" (July 7, 2010email)."I’d send you the delivery receipt, but Iput both your email addresses in my ’JunkMail’ box, because that is all I get fromyou, JUNK." (Aug. 16, 2010 email)"What’s that girlie email you or something?" (Sept 28, 2010email).
At one point after arguing several motions there was a physical confrontation.  Stolz had been angered by his adversary's threat to file ethics compliants.  When the adversary said to Stolz "don't ever touch me again" the responses was "why would I want to touch a fag like you?"

Those are the headline grabbers, but underlying that is the fact that Stolz was very busy and had, admittedly, decided to improve his lifestyle by paying more golf and spending more time with his family.  One result was that he neglected his files, which led in his case to lies to a judge.

The New Jersey Supreme Court affirmed the decision of its Disciplinary Review Board which found Stolz violated Rules of Professional Conduct 3.2, failure to treat those involved in the legal process with courtesy and respect; 8.4(d), conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice; 8.4(a), violating ethics strictures; 3.3(a)(1), knowingly lying to a tribunal; 3.3(a)(5), failing to disclose a material fact to a tribunal; and 4.1(a), knowingly lying to a third person.

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  1. I dont understand what the big deal is, when people have a personal relationship THEY SPEAK VERY CASUALLY, even myself as a GAY MAN and a DRAG performer and personally knowing Mr. Stolz, he has never come off offensive nor have i AS AN ADULT taken anything whole Heartedly, I have been out socially with him and his wife and they are ABSOLUTELY PRO GAY and kind!! why can't people jus speak freely anymore, why does something so small have to be taken so offensively!? he was jus being a bit mean to his opponent, so what?1 thats what controversy is all about!! but in this day and age We can't say anything anymore and be free bc of WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO US!

    What a way to get noticed is all i have to say!?! Someones crying out for attention!! APPARENTLY! Maybe he should grow a Pair!