Monday, May 14, 2018

National Dems Jump In To Avoid House Primary Calamities In California – Talking Points Memo

Swing districts demand centrist candidates.  for California Democrats the moment of truth comes in the primaries - not the general election.  A split primary vote can cost the Party seats in the general election.
The State Democratic party denied endorsement to Diane Feinstein.  Really? In post-Parkland America they want to toss the author of the assault weapons ban?  And an expert on security and intelligence matters?  For me only a mortal sin could condemn such person as Feinstein. - gwc
National Dems Jump In To Avoid House Primary Calamities In California – Talking Points Memo
by Cameron Joseph

Welcome to the jungle.
National Democrats are making a last-minute push to avoid catastrophe in California, where the state’s unusual jungle primary system could leave them without general election candidates in a number of districts they’re banking on to seize control of the House.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a number of elected officials from the state are rushing in to try to lift some Democrats over others and knock back second-tier Republicans, risking backlash and second-guessing in an effort to avoid getting locked out of winnable districts.
California’s top-two all-party primary system means that whatever two candidates win the most votes on June 5 will get to square off in the general election, regardless of what party they belong to. That, and a surge in the number of viable Democratic candidates compared to past years, has Democrats worried that their challengers could split the vote and let Republicans lock them out in five different districts they hope to contest this fall, most of them centered in fast-diversifying Orange County.

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