Monday, April 9, 2018

Furious President Attacks Dept. of Justice and FBI

The President of the United States is at best uninterested in how the law works.  For example the Department of Justice has a rigorous manual governing how its lawyers are to operate.  Section 9-13.420 Search of Premises of Subject Attorneys makes provision for protection of attorney client privilege.  Yet Donald Trump, doubtless unaware of these matters, has stormily denounced the subpoena addressed to Michael Cohen his longtime business partner and lawyer.  Cohen says he paid off porn star Stormy Daniels days before the election. 

So far neither the Speaker of the House nor the Majority Leader of the Senate has spoken about Trump's furious assault on the lawful investigation by the FBI under the direction of the United States Department of Justice lawyers for the Southern District of New York.   Geoffrey Berman -  -who was appointed by the President himself  recused from the decision, leaving it in the hands of career lawyers in the Department.  The decision was reportedly approved by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the search warrant issued by a federal district Judge. - gwc

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