Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump’s Triumph of Incompetence - The New York Times

 Nicholas Kristof strikes a key note but now we face the question:  How can he be restrained when the sh*t really hits the fan? - gwc
Trump’s Triumph of Incompetence - The New York Times
by William Kristol

***Politics sometimes rewards braggarts, and Trump is a world-class boaster. He promised a health care plan that would be “unbelievable,” “beautiful,” “terrific,” “less expensive and much better,” “insurance for everybody.” But he’s abysmal at delivering — because the basic truth is that he’s an effective politician who’s utterly incompetent at governing.
It’s sometimes said that politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose. Trump campaigns in braggadocio and governs in bombast.
Whatever one thinks of Trump’s merits, this competence gap raises profound questions about our national direction. If the administration can’t repeal Obamacare — or manage friendly relations with allies like Mexico or Australia — how will it possibly accomplish something complicated like tax reform?
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