Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun

Here is what must be faced:  Hillary Clinton's strength is her most reviled trait:  her rock solid centrism.  It is centrism that is wrongly maligned.  I know we can complain that Obama hired Citbankers for treasury, and did not swing for the fences on the economy, is an incrementalist, etc.  But hemet the basis test of those who would govern: HE GOVERNED. With Hillary Clinton's help.
The Republican Party is not divided, it has finally been taken over by the ranters who seek to disparage the system of governance of the country they claim to love more than anyone.  It is not unlike serial child abusers who claim they spank their children out of love. - GWC
The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just Begun
by Jonathan Chait
...During the Republican primaries, Marco Rubio frequently said, “I will not allow the conservative movement to be taken over by a con artist.” What would have struck a Republican from four or six decades ago about that line (other than the fact that Rubio endorsed the con artist months later) is that Rubio assumed that the term “conservative movement” was synonymous with “the Republican Party.” The two were not always the same. Like right-of-center parties in industrialized democracies across the world, the GOP throughout most of the 20th century understood there to be a role for government in daily life. During the years immediately following World War II, the Republican Party, led by figures like Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, accepted the broad contours of the New Deal and governed much like, say, David Cameron or Stephen Harper recently did in Britain and Canada. The party did not attack government intervention as an impingement on freedom or as inherently immoral.

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