Monday, November 28, 2016

Conway Continues Public Attack On Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Conway Continues Public Attack On Mitt Romney (VIDEO)
by Caitlin McNeal
Subjugation's Latin root  is "under the yoke".  The Roman army made the officers of defeated armies crawl under the yokes of oxen to make clear that they were completely defeated: just beasts of burden now.
What Kellyanne Conway fails to understand is that Trump here has a chance to subjugate his predecessor - the "choke artist" Mitt Romney.  In this case the ritual is the oath of submission Romney must take in order to be the United States Secretary of State - a job he surely craves. It is not ideology but the need to subjugate that drives Trump.  Coway, speaking out of turn, endangers her own position.  That is what Conway, et al. fail to grasp.  - GWC

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