Thursday, November 17, 2016

Congressional Democrats have nothing to fear from standing up to Trump, in one chart - Vox

This presents one of the most difficult questions for Democrats. An angry and unqualified man has been elected President of the United States. Should Charles Schumer et al., say like Mitch McConnell that their objective is to stop Trump? How? They have no majority and the filibuster by which Republicans obstructed so much may not work.
For example the GOP plans to phase out Medicare (you'll get a voucher to apply to medical insurance that you will shop for - like Medigap). They will do that by budget reconciliation - requiring only a simple majority.
So I think that the Democrats have to take a constructive stance: support anything good: e.g. infrastructure spending (unless it's a wall). And wait for Trump to foul up..which he will. Hopefully without tragic consequences. - gwc

Congressional Democrats have nothing to fear from standing up to Trump, in one chart - Vox
by Matthew Yglesias

Donald Trump, like presidents-elect before him, is enjoying a victory bump in the polls, with Gallup finding his favorable ratings up 8 percent since Election Day. The main driver of the boost is an 11 percent increase in favorability among Republicans — many of whom were probably mad pre-election that he seemed to be blowing a winnable race and are now looking much more kindly on their party’s leader.
That said, he’s still strikingly unpopular for a president-elect. Not just less popular than his predecessors but much less popular.


The meaning of this ought to be clear. Members of Congress should be very alarmed about the risk a Trump administration poses to American institutions, but also should know that for now there is little risk in opposing him.
In particular, the Democrats who represent electorally crucial states that Trump won narrowly — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin most of all — have no particular reason to fear that the president-elect is a political juggernaut. Democrats can (and will!) recriminate for years about why, exactly, Hillary Clinton was unable to carry those states. But “Donald Trump is popular” is not the reason.

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