Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Key Exchange `..that Mexican thing again' //Josh Marshall// Talking Points Memo

The Key Exchange  Kaine vs. Pence VIDEO
Many key exchanges in this debate. But this will likely be the most memorable: "you whipped out that Mexican thing again." Full exchange below.
KAINE: Great line from the Gospel of Matthew: From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.
PENCE: Yeah.
KAINE: When Donald Trump says women should be punished, or that Mexicans are rapists and criminals, or John McCain's not a hero, he's showing you who he is.
PENCE: Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.
KAINE: Can you defend it?
PENCE: There are criminal aliens in this country, Tim, who have come into this country illegally, who are perpetrating violence ...
KAINE: You want to use a big brush against Mexicans.
PENCE: He also said, and many of them are good people, you keep leaving that out of your quote. If you want me to go there, I'll go there.
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