Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Ruled the Show //Josh Marshall //Talking Points Memo

Would you want to work for him?  If not, why would you want him to be President?
If he goes into rants in a debate with Hillary, how would he do with Angela Merkel?  Vladimir Putin?  Xi Jinping? - gwc
Hillary Ruled the Show
by Josh Marshall //Talking Points Memo
Clinton clearly went into this debate not looking for one or two big "Have you no decency" moments but rather looking to hit him with a rat-tat-tat series of taunts and jabs to see if she could get him to lose his cool and throw him off his game. It ended up happening a lot more quickly than I expected. No more than fifteen minutes in he was getting visibly angry. And he stayed that way for the next hour plus.
From maybe a half hour into the debate Clinton had almost entirely seized the initiative. She was attacking while he responded, sometimes angrily, sometimes with new attacks and very often by doubling down on demonstrable falsehoods he's been pilloried for for months. At various moments he shuffled in and out of parts of his stump speech. But through most of the exchange he constantly interrupted Clinton, talked over her, denied claims she made which are easily validated. In terms of body language and style it was thermonuclear Rick Lazio.

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