Sunday, August 7, 2016

If You're Really Against Trump, You Have To Be For Hillary

Voting for a third party or writing someone in or not voting is a half vote for Donald Trump.  - gwc
If You're Really Against Trump, You Have To Be For Hillary
by Josh Marshall

[F]or years into future, probably decades, this election will be seen as a historical testing moment for the country, one people will very much want to say they were on the right side of. For Democrats, this part of it's easier since they were never going to vote for any Republican. For Republicans and swing voters it's a different story.
You can't compare something as vast as the Civil Rights Movement to a single antic election. But I see an analogy here inasmuch as still decades later countless people who were reliable supporters of Jim Crow still try to pretend that somehow they weren't. This is that time when the Republican party, one of America's two major parties going back over 150 years, nominated a white nationalist candidate who beyond abhorrent policy positions is clearly not mentally fit to serve as President. His mental, psychological unfitness for the office is for a million reasons but most tangibly because of the awesome destructive power entrusted, with few if any real checks, to the President in his role as Commander-in-Chief of the US military with its vast nuclear arsenal. (Thinking it's a terrible idea or even immoral is not a sufficient reason to refuse a president's order for a nuclear strike.)
It's simple. If you really oppose Trump, the danger he poses and what he represents, you need to vote for Hillary Clinton, difficult a step as that may be for many. It's that simple.

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