Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why Trump is Worse than Cruz | GOPLifer

Chris Ladd is a Republican activist, a classical conservative. He sees no place for himself in the Trump takeover of the Republican party.
Why Trump is Worse than Cruz | GOPLifer
For me there is no possibility of compromise with the party of Trump. The fact that he can’t win offers no shelter from the impact he will have on the party and on our politics at large. There are no “good Nazis.” As the party’s nominee, Donald Trump changes what it means to be a Republican in a manner that carries inescapable moral culpability.
Without a political party it isn’t clear what avenues would remain open for my meaningful political participation. There’s little reason to think that a Democratic “big tent” big enough to accommodate me could very long retain its structural integrity.  Future directions remain to be worked out, but this much is plain – the Party of Donald Trump will not include me.

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