Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hastert's Rise= The Irony and the Awfulness

The pedophile Dennis Hastert's rise to Speaker of the House - second in line to President grew out of the GOP's dedication to destroying Bill Clinton (and his wife).  After a compliant federal judge gave Kenneth Starr a boundless mandate to go after the President they got his head on a silver platter.  A confidant of Monica Lewinski led her into a trap like the spider to the fly.  Clinton tried to bluff his way out of it.  (I did not have sexual relations with that woman.  Technically true but false.)
When he got to the grand jury everyone said that taking the Fifth was politically impossible.  [To my knowledge I am the only one who wrote a piece saying he should - and that he would face impeachment if he testified falsely. - Asbury Park Press - August , 1998].

The upshot of the Republican Party's demand for marital fidelity led to Denny Hastert's rise to Speaker.  Turned out that marital fidelity was in short supply on the accusers' side: first Newt Gingrich  stepped down (extra marital affair with the then 20-something [now bejeweled] Callista).  Then the GOP elected Robert Livingstone who quit before he was sworn in because he too was getting some on the side.  (He was replaced in Congress by David Vitter - a regular customer of the `D.C. Madame'.) But I digress.
Desperate for an unsullied Speaker the GOP turned to the man they called Coach - Dennis Hastert a back bencher with no history as a womanizer.   He served eight years adhering to the GOP orthodoxy - abstention not birth control, family values, no to homosexuals rights,  celebration of traditional marriage, etc.  
Now we know the sad truth -  it was young boys that the Coach craved.
- gwc

The Irony and the Awfulness by Josh Marshall // Talking Points Memo

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